Spray polyurethane insulation will save you money by lowering your utility bills. Spray foam seals your “building envelope” which prevents moisture and air infiltration. Air infiltrates through drafts in windows, outlets, and doorways. A building envelope = the total system of construction materials and design components that control the temperature, movement of air and moisture both into and out of the building. It’s the physical separator between interior and exterior environments of a building.


  • Prevents mold and mildew
  • Makes your home more comfortable
  • More R-value per inch
  • Keeps dust and pollen out
  • Stops air and moisture infiltration
  • Permanent. Will not sag
  • Adds strength to structure
  • Environmentally friendly

Can serve as a vapor barrier with a better permeability rating than plastic sheathing, and reduces the build up of moisture which can cause mold growth.

CLOSE CELL-Close cell foam is a rigid and structural foam. It has varying degrees of hardness. This type of foam is between two and three pounds per cubic foot. It's stronger because the cells, or bubbles are not broken which gives it a higher R- value and strength. Close cell foam is denser, requiring more material. It can serve as a vapor barrier at a inch in a half.

OPEN CELL-Open cell foam is flexible and light weight. It's soft, and the cells or bubbles are broken which then fill with air. The densities of open cell foams are around a half to three quarters pound per cubic foot.
The choice of Spray Polyurethane foam should be based on strength, space, vapor control and codes.

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Fun Facts!

  • R-Value means resistance to heat flow; the higher the R-value the greater insulating value.

  • Studies have shown that as much as 40% of buildings total energy is loss due to air infiltration.

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